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I have been on generic percocet for 1 1/2 years and at one time was up to 2 10/325 mg tablets 4 times a day. I tapered down to 1/2 tablet qid, then 1/4 qid and then 1/8th. I laid on the sofa for a few days and felt yucky for a few more, but now am fine. Used the L-tyrosine for about a week and it helped with the depression, laziness and restlessness.

I am finally free from that ball and chain. I had to always make sure i had some handy and when it was time to take a pill, i would start aching all over. I had a lot more energy and that false sense of well-being when i was taking them and i am still getting used to interacting with others without the drug. But its more than worth it.

My doctor was giving me 360 pills a month, but i ran out early and she then gave me 56 per week. And i tapered from there. My husband is tapering and is down to 1 3/4 tablets a day. He cuts his dose by 1/4 tablet a week.

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