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Thanks Chef. I appreciate what you are saying and agree in many ways that it is just better to kick it right in the face and say no more. Of course I do not want to go through wds but like you say it might be the best way to go.

And I gave my initial post in an effort to be brief because I have been on these boards for a long time and many people know me and my situation -- it was simply an encapsulation of events. I have fessed up, told my wife, been honest etc. I do listen, I do comprehend. I fail to see where this own up to it stance is coming from. I have had an unbelievably hard time getting opiates out of my system via tapering (sub and hydro tapers) so . . . .

posted to see what people thought about meth taper vs. CT. That's what I am asking. If everyone here is anti-meth than I am obviously asking the wrong group but there have been several years worth of subutex/suboxone talk on these boards so I did not think I was asking a completely anti-taper group what they thought.

If so, sorry for asking.

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