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I was prescribed 25mg. Fentanyl patches today to apply for pain management. I'm wondering if they're anywhere strong enough to help with these terrible oxycontin withdrawal symptoms?
I'm about to give up on giving up oxycontin... I've lost everything to it yet the symptoms upon quitting are devastating and I just cannot work while withdrawing... calling in sick just isn't an option; I have no paid sick days and am paid in tips. I'm spending $75. a day for oxy (one 80mg, one 40) which leaves me barely enough money for gas... my bills are a nightmare.
I just wondered if the fentanyl patch might help with the withdrawls enough so that I can go to work while getting off the oxycontin, anyone know?
Thanks so much for any advice you can give me; I'm really sinking here.
Thanks for your reply, really.
You know, I just spent an hour at that site that gives you all the sub doctors in your state... know the one? I called and called but still no openings. I'm going to have to perhaps go to Nashville, which is I think a few hours away.
I have no argument that a long drive would be well worth the benefits of getting of this terrible ride, and I'm going to keep calling until I have an appointment with someone somewhere... I will post as soon as I have that.
There is a methadone clinic in Georgia, only 45 minutes from me (I'm in Chattanooga; if anyone can tell me of a suboxone doctor within an hour or so of me I would be SO grateful!) I drive about half hour a day to my dealer anyway, so methadone would be "doable." I'm not so worried about "trading one drug for another" in this case; au contraire; I'm very worried about mixing and doing what I'm doing right now... I know that's so bad for me.
I believe the suboxone will work for me this time because it worked last time, only I wasn't ready. I've never wanted anything so badly in my life. I have a terrible fear of being at work and withdrawing.... having that awful sense of "I-just-wanna-climb-outta-my-skin" while some truck driver is telling me how he wants his omelet (I work at a Waffle House... yep, it DOES get worse... lol) I want off this ride and out of this park SO bad I can taste it.
I've thought a lot about quitting the job. My husband told me he would pay for my cigarettes (not ready to get off THAT ride yet) and gas to go about if I quit (he knows everyone who works there is on something... meth is the doc among waitresses although I dont do that.) I didn't work for the first 16 years of our marriage; this is a first for me and it's destroying everything, really... a good tip night only means an extra oxy or two, which only means a higher tolerance.... it's a viscious and terrible ride that I'm afraid to jump off of completely but one that I will never ever go near if I can find my way out of it now. Perhaps everyone says that but it makes me sick that I'm doing this. Man, my parents have only one child left (me) and I'm doing just what their son did... unbelievable. The shame alone is tearing me up... that and the fear of withdrawal. It was SO bad last time, and I wasn't doing half what I'm doing now... I have nightmares about what it's going to be like.
I'm going to get in touch with a sub doctor somewhere and take it from there. Perhaps I can pay someone to drive me (I own a car but am terrible with directions and such and would likely have a very hard time finding something in, say, Nashville.) Even if I had to buy $30. in gas and pay them $50. it would still only be as costly as one day's oxycontin money! And our insurance (TVA) is very good and will cover the doctor and the prescription will only be $12. I'm typing this and getting my nerve up to get that appointment. I'm not a stupid person, but this drug has me doing things that don't make any logical sense at all and I'm ashamed of who I've become since climbing on the oxy ride years ago. I just, I can't give up like Steven did; my parents would be destroyed not to mention my family (my brother's little girl, now 6, still sleeps with his photo under her pillow. When I imagine my little one, Andrew, doing that with me it makes me need to scream.)
Please lend me some support... you don't know how helpful that would be... I had just intended on asking your advice on the fentanyl patches, but you've given me a little hope that maybe there is help for me still... I knew in my heart that the fentanyl was a poor idea. God, please let this work; let me find a doctor who will help... just a little and I'll do the rest. I just, I know it seems like if I wanted it badly enough I'd just quit, but god knows I try - every day I try! It's just not like that... it's not like when I was on hydrocodone, taking like 8-12 10/500's a day. That was bad, but I wasn't in hell (I was in the neighborhood, but not there, not yet.) Withdrawing from oxycontin is getting an invitation to hell, the only bright side being it's a temporary stay, unlike life on oxy which is a life sentence there.
Thank you so much for your input and please give me your hand while I take this step. I know I'm just somebody down south who's serving waffles and snorting oxy for a life, but still I'm somebody, and the pain is very real. The loneliness is nearly as bad as the pain itself, for there is virtually nobody I can talk to like this anywhere. My parents are disgusted as is my husband, and the girls at work say they want to help but only tell me that I'm on "the wrong drug" - and no offense to myself intended but I'm not sure I want to use a Waffle House waitress as my life-guide.... especially one who tells me "meth's your answer" (one really did put it that way... said crystal meth would give me the energy and cost half as much, yada yada yada... can you believe that?) It's like being in a veritable house of mirrors... knowing there's a way out but damifino where, do you know what I mean?
I will post as soon as I get an appointment somewhere.... if I just cannot find a sub doctor I will call the methadone clinic, then.... I'm going to do SOMEthing, anyway, while I still am legally married and haven't lost it all. Thank you again; I am truly grateful for your words.
Very Truly Yours,
Your Friend,
wow toonie, I found your story really breath taking, I am typing to you with tears in my eyes!! MY hubby has had severe neck/disk problems (almost typed d_ck, but thats a whole other story lol) for over 6 yrs now, he has had 2 surgeries and recently had the nerve endings burnt off around where his last surgery had taken place. he is BIG TIME addicted to fentanyl pops (1600 mcg) 3 times daily as needed and of course, as I am sure you know, he NEEDS them for withdraw if not for pain. He had been on the patch several years ago for a lower back problem and almost died coming off of them. You say you are addicted to oxy's, well let me tell you from experience, coming off fentanyl is much worse, I can't see going from one addiction to a much more severe one, the patches are so hard to come off of. but I also know....... you have to do what you have to do. I will always hate all kinds of narcotics, our son, now 24, then 16 got addicted to pain pills also, because Kevin (my hubby) had them and Dusty (my son) decided to try them. We have been through so much with this injury and the drs seems to just want to keep him on meds and as much as he is taking now. where do we go from here. If you can get into a pain clinic... I'm sure they will give you the meds you need, alot f them seem to push meds, it was a dr in Cumberland Maryland that so freely raised Kev's dose of fentanyl pops for 200 mcg to 1600 mcg in less the a 3 month period. let me know how things are, I just wanted you to know that you are not alone. You are in my prayers, your story really touched me, God Bless!
Looks like my post is months too late, but thought I'd add a little insight from personal expeience with using the fentanyl patch. I am currently in the process of withdraw from stopping use so this may not come across real clear. I was prescribed the patch at 25mcg/h around maybe 8 yrs ago. I quickly was changed to the 50mcg/h and finally to the 75mcg/h (which I've been on for close to seven years maybe. I am a Veteran and go to a VAMC for treatment. The VA decided to stop prescribing the patch to any Veterans other than those with cancer. I was reduced from 75 to 25 level patches for 15 days along with methadone to assist with the withdraw. Fentanyl is 80-100 times stronger than morphine depending on where or who you get your information. I took off my last 25 patch 6 days ago and then was to start using morphine sulfate sr for longterm and hydrocodone for BT pain. I am still reeling with the withdraw and it has been a nightmare. Total agitation, irritability, isolatation, lack of sleep, worms crawling under the skin, so on and so forth. I had to go back out to the VAMC 2 days ago and tell them that I needed help thru the withdraw. The said to double a dose of ativan that I take to help sleep at night by cutting a once a day 2mg tab into 1mg tabs and taken 1mg tab four imes a day for so many days, and then 1mg tab of so many days, and so on. My point is that fentanyl is very hard to withdraw from after extended use....prescribed or otherwise and I thought I was going to lose my self in the process. The patch is designed to release and stabilize the amount of the drug in the system of the person using it for a 3 day period. The effects requires a period of time for stabilizing. Many don't think the patch is working well so they choose to put anothe patch on. I've lost several people due to this thinking process. It is not and immediate influx of pain reliever and takes sometime (depending on the person) to get the the level needed to do its job. I have read about many horror stories of people using more than one patch at a time that wasn't prescribed or using methadone or other drugs not prescribed for use by the Doctor. It's a case of over medicating and the organs will just give out. Please be careful with the medications and/or thei illegal drugs you use and how you use them. If the body gets over loaded then there isn't much that can be done to avoid the inevitable stage of organ collapse and death.
Thank U for your post my fiance has been on the patch for a few yrs now due to back pain and he knows it will be hell to get off of. His Dr bumbed him up to 75mcg's and after a few months he asked to be put down to the 50mcg and suffered some w/d's. He was alright though he also takes vicoden for the breakthrough pain he has. I have read all this stuff about the patch and I hope his Dr is smart enough to wean him down if they find something better that will control his pain. He has forgotten to take of his old patch before putting on a new one and did get sick from it. I really feel for you and my fiance trys to make his patches last as long as they can since he got laid off from his job and they are 300/mo and he and I can tell when they are wearing off he his sweating, cold, legs uncontrolable, irritable and this is just from making it last a day or two longer I couldnt imagine anything longer. He finally got insurance coverage but the annual prescription amount is 3000 and he is diabetic and has to have insulin and due to that he had testosterone and his patches the testosterone alone is 300/mo plus his patches 300/mo and his vicoden 120/mo so he wil reach his limit soon. thank goodness he just got a job. Just in time for hopefully my knee surgery that my insurance doesnt cover. Good Lord does it ever end!!! Kim

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