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hi wifely, sorry to hear about the post-detox problems you are having, but congratulations on your success with detox!

Wifely, I think what may be happening to you is normal and nothing to become alarmed about. It will get better. What is happening is that during detox and for a period of time in post-detox the brain signals have random misfires. Levels vary among individuals. During the period in which you were taking painkillers those signals were put to sleep in order to produce pain relief. Once the drug is stopped, those sensories they wakeup they are spitting and sputtering like an old sluggish engine that can't quite get the gas flow regulated. Those misfires will eventually be re-regulated by the brain and a smooth flow will start again; it just takes time.

There are things in the meantime that you can do to help support your body's journey back to normal:

1. You must exercise 20-30 min day; walking will do it. Exercise is the activity that sends a demand signal to the brain to activate the endorphins to produce more dopamine and serotonin; substances that help your body regulate heartbeat and body temperature as well as cope with pain, sleep, and depression.

2. Next, you should consider supplements as your body becomes depleted. If you haven't already reviewed it, check out the Sample Home Detox thread located in the Moderator's Section on this Board. Specific supplements folks have found helpful are listed there. The levels mentioned are for the intensity of Detox WDs; post Detox WD levels would be less. Also, know that supplements alone are not likely going to eliminate all post detox WD symptoms. Only the body can achieve that through exercise to re-regulate your endorphins. The body is a miraculous thing. It is designed to heal itself, and it will over time.

I would say the key supplements for you to consider might be:
B-Complex Blend
Anti-Oxidant Blend
Zinc/Magnesium (50-75 mg one morning and one afternoon but ONLY after eating food or it will make you sick) [ pain relief and help w/depression]
L-Tyrosine (500 mg) one morning and one afternoon. [post detox malaise/enery/depression]
Sam-E [pain relief and mood balancing]

Try adding these for a month. Most folks report they feel some relief very quickly that the Zinc (relief within a day or two) and L-Tryosine (relief within an hour or two). Most report that both provide improved relief after they have built up in the system for 1 week.

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