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hello all
im new to this board and im at present in rehab from over 20 years od taking narcotic pain killers. i have been so far on suboxone for about 2 months now and in the beginning i was feeling pretty good. now my dosage is getting cut a little at a time and still i was feeling ok then for some strange reason i started waking up with both my arms and hands dead asleep and sometimes pins and needles ...ive never had circulation problems ever and ever since the rehab medicine i have trouble staying awake throughout the day like at a drop of a hat i cant seem to keep my eyes im scared cause i wonder if something is wrong where i dont have enough blood or oxygen getting to my heart or brain maybe???? what did happen is a few weeks ago i was in the gym lifting and i really hurt my lower back right side and since then all this has been happening to....i started propping up some pillows so i can sleep not so flat and it worked a little bit but im not sure what to do.

ive just started going back to taking multivitamins everyday and i wonder if i have been getting enough when you dont have any medical insurance either any help????

need2smile :confused: :confused: :confused:

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