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I've done the cold turkey detox twice..1st time it's was only for 72 hours because my supply was out, 2nd time was when I was trying to get clean. I was using these supplements and vitamins....but the second night I collapsed and couldn't take it any more. I knew then I needed professional help. I checked myself into a detox clinic for 7 days. My wife of course new and I took vacation days from work. It was awful my Darvon detox. Once I got out I wasn't right still and stayed clean for a month, but struggled through every day. I was miserable. I couldn't anything, the only thing that I enjoyed was music. I started to go to outpatient therapy and I met a lot of good people who had similar problems and learned a lot, nothing like NA and AA meeting. Well that's when I learned about Suboxone and these guys who took it were healthy, strong and CLEAN! It's a maintenance program like Methadone but not as addictive and much simplier to deal with and less strong. It's an opiate based drug that take the place of your receptors, so your body thinks it's normal. You take 1-4 pills depending on where you are in your program and eventually 6-months 1-3 year or as long as you want you stop. The great thing is nobody but you and your doc would know. I relapsed due to some medical problems I have.. legitimate pain and abused the oxy. I decided to use suboxone to detox myself at home and every since I've been clean. I then saw a psychiatrist which is important to figure out why I was abusing and now that I'm on an anti depressant (20 mg of Lexipro) and the suboxone 1 pill taken sublingually in the morning my wife and I have worked to fix our relationship and I can say it has never been better. We are happy. I'm also much more goal orientated and I realized I want more to life. I bought a hat yesterday "Life is good" because it is. [COLOR=Sienna][I]REMOVED[/I][/COLOR] To answer your question about the muscle relaxers, they gave them, during the Darvon detox. I don't want to push you in the wrong way but speak with the Suboxone doctor and see what they can do. Call every one until you get an appointment. start tomorrow. If you think you can make it through this cold turkey detox then do it but after the drugs are out you havet to deal with all that you were hiding from. Cold Tukey detoxes are dangerous. Go to [url][/url] read about the product search for all the doctors in your area print that page and call them tonight leave messages some go directly to their cell phone, call them again to follow up first tomorrow. One problem each doctor can only see 30 patients at a time so hopefully you can get in. If you go to the website find the doctors you can detox at home.

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