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Thanks Twill,

This sounds awful......I wish we had the end of the story. I hope she 'got clean' in the end after so much pain and suffering.
If there is more could you post it??
Here's the rest:

The next time I woke up, a tall male nurse that I hadn't seen before was dragging me into the bathroom. He handed me a diaper and told me to change myself. Apparently, I had soiled and wet myself to the point that I was leaking. The nurse treated me like a child that had done something disgusting and needed to be punished. I cannot recall how I managed to get the diaper off and the new one on but I was back in my bed again crying my eyes out because I was in the most excruciating pain I had ever known. The next thing I knew, the same nurse came back and told me that I had to walk on my own before they would release me. He seemed a little impatient about it too as if I was keeping him there past quitting time. I don't know how I walked, but I'm pretty sure he actually dragged me. No sooner than I was out of bed, I was in the car and on my way home.

Everything else that happened, Bob had to tell me about later. I have no recollection of coming home and getting into bed. Bob said that I kept hitting him and trying to bite him. He said I was like a wild animal and when I think about it now, I really was. That is what those people reduced me to. I came to them a human being with a disease and left there an animal with the same disease untreated. Nothing could prepare me for what I was to endure over the next few weeks.

I was still in full-blown withdrawal only it was unlike any withdrawal I had ever endured before. This time I had all the typical symptoms topped off by such extreme insanity that I really don't know how I didn't kill myself or someone else. I think what "saved me" was my inability to navigate a trip to the bathroom let alone a suicide or homicide.

I started to feel relatively human again after about three weeks. Though, nothing improved. In the absence of the physical pain, I went into a complete psychological and emotional crisis. I heard voices all around me at all times warning me of impending doom. I kept hearing these voices tell me that I'm a horrible person not worthy of anything good and that I really should just kill myself. I eventually ended up in a dark room, in a corner, drinking and smoking crack until I was ready to jump out the window. I have no idea why or how I lived through that.

There is so much more to this story and I know I could go on and on describing this experience. Though, I will share one more story and finally stop being haunted by the past. I am hopeful that I will be able to close the book on that time in my life and move on to a life filled with joy and free from fear and pain. I thank God with every fiber of my being that I was able to find Methadone, a humane, effective treatment for heroin addiction that has been the closest thing I have known to a cure…A REAL cure.

About three weeks after I underwent the UROD procedure that was supposed to "free me from active addiction", I stood in front of my dearest friend Bob and told him through tears that if there was a gun and a bag of dope sitting on the table and I had to choose between his life and that bag, I would blow him away. I said those words with total conviction and without hesitation and with such disdain for his life that I knew then that UROD not only robbed me of my ability to feel any joy whatsoever, it robbed me of my humanity.

Only time and proper medical treatment with Methadone has allowed me to regain all I had lost and then some. I recently heard that Dr. Lance Gooberman is no longer performing the UROD procedure due to seven deaths associated with it. I can only hope that through their deaths, the powers that be will stand up and take notice of a barbaric procedure hiding under the guise of medicine and put a stop to it at long last. Only then will I be able to truly say that it was all worth it…

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