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[QUOTE=jkhopeful]Thanks Large for YOUR kind words. I guess we all go about beating this beast in different ways and I truly do feel pretty good about what I've accomplished so far - I just don't want to ever become complacent and think I've really got this thing beat because I know it can rear its ugly head at any time. That's how addiction is. Have you ever heard the song, "The Beast in ME" ?- it was originally recorded by Johnny Cash way back when and I believe it is about addiction - it is for me anyway. You can get the lyrics on the net if you want, but its a great song. If you can't find it, I'll share it - just feeling too lazy to type it right now. Its been a long day and I need to head home - see what my hubby has cooked me for dinner!

Thanks so much for coming back after 8 months and sharing your story. I've been lingering on this board since last July and I'll probably linger for a lot longer. I don't always find the time to post a lot, but am always reading as much as I can - This board has become somewhat of a lifeline for me as well as a connection to other addicts. Its just so great to know that others share similar experiences.

take care


I have heard that song actually - on The Sopranos, actually. Good song - rings very true.

It was my pleasure to come back. In January I began doing volunteer work with a young adult rehab center here in California producing some DVDs and TV spots and I had a chance to interact with many of the counselors and program participants. Hearing all of the familiar struggles they were going through got me thinking back to my time on the board here.

It is shocking to me just how wide spread our problem is, yet how shunned people in our position feel. It seems that if you don't have insurance, aren't a criminal, or aren't under 18 there really isn't much in the way of options while you are detoxing - which is one of the main reasons people don't quit. More people are probably using right now just to avoid withdrawal then to actually get high. While I never went the sub/bup or NA route, I support anything that can help someone break this cycle and get their lives back.

So I came back to offer support any way I can to the folks here making that brave choice to put the pills down. I was extremely fortunate to be in the position I was in when I decided to quit - my heart goes out to those trying to beat this while dealing with abusive relationships, collapsing marriages, job loss, and financial woes. Withdrawal is so hard by itself, I just can't imagine what it is like to go through that if your life is falling apart around you in the process. I admire the courage of those who've done just that.

I'd love to see more success stories from people who have made it through withdrawal and hear about how they are rebuilding their lives today. I think that would help so many of the people who come to this board as a last resort and have lost everything because of their addiction. For those people, quitting is only the first step in a long road back and I think despair and guilt about what they've lost and a hopelessness toward the future are real emotional barriers to taking the leap. What happens after withdrawal is just as important to staying clean as during. Hopefully by sharing my story and encouraging others to share theirs we can continue to build each other up and throw a life-line to those who feel like they are drowning in their addiction.

And just a reminder: if you are lurking here then jump in and post a thread introducing yourself. Don't worry about whether or not you have quit. Being clean is not a requirement to post here - consider it the first step in the right direction. This is the one place you can be honest with yourself and all of us without fear of judgement because we've all been where you are right now. So take that first step and say hi :wave:


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