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Hello ChinaFan,

You are so brave and I applaud your strength and courage. Oh boy, is right! The battle is a tough one but the secrect is in the planning. No General ever went into battle without a battle plan. Also, research, research, research. Know your enemy!

You sound just like I did two weeks ago and I am ten days clean. In the beginning the battle was physical. I thought I was going to die but,...I didn't.. The devil should have killed me when he had his chance because God reminded me that " he whom is set free is free indeed". Now, my battle field is in my mind so I set out booby traps to help alert me when the snicky ******* is on the prowl. As soon as I feel a craving raising up in me,..I put a face on it and then I imagine myself with wolf like claws and I claw the **** out of it. I imagine drawing blood and even driving it back into it's pit. It feels damn good too! Snicky *******.

I hope the Subbonex works for you. I was suppose to try that in the beginning but my addiction doctor kept cancelling on me so I had to suit up and fight this diease on my own.

Do what it takes to quit the pills. Do what works for you but do it!

I can feel your strength and I know you " are one of the powerful ones that God has annointed so girl, plug into that power, put on your full suit of armour, remember the battle is not against the fleash but against, principalities in high places and sit back and watch the glory of God!

The battle is not yours, it is the Lords.

Stay strong and lean on me when you need to.

Luv ya'

There ain't nothing to it, but to do it!

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