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funk.... :wave: .........good for you!!!
i am day 22 no vicodin and it feels so good not having to count them and have to take them around the clock and before any thing i would do.........

my natural endorphins have returned and its gets better i promise...........
how are you feeling..........
i really struggled between day 4-7 and i was really wanting to get pills but i just kept praying and counting the days and how fast time flys by...........

it is so worth it..................dont give up.......... :nono:
God Bless you............. :angel:
Heya! :wave:

Things are going pretty good so far. My mind feels like it is getting more and more clear as well, and I feel much less depressed than I was when I was using (although I do get hit by bouts of depression once in a while, I am able to tell myself its because I'm not using anymore and I usually am able to snap myself out of it by going for a walk or taking in some sun). The physical w/ds aren't nearly as bad this time around as they were in my past attempts. The worst part is not being able to sleep at night. Even with sleep aids it still takes like 3 hours of laying in bed before I can get any sleep (and even then its not much, but I did manage to get a good 5 hours in last night!), and thats the worst part for me.

But I can imagine how good you must be starting to feel! Today was the first day I woke up and said, "what am I going to have for breakfast" instead of "when will I take some pills", and that made me very happy! :D

Anyways, just thought I'd chime in and say keep up the good work. I will if you will :)



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