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[QUOTE=kindspirit]yep, that is what's been bothering me, thinking "another pill"...I told the dr that and she even sd "why not stay with xanax it worked?" God, these da..dr's!!
so got the melatonin for tonight and just grinnin and bearing this ordeal. I've got one more wks worth of xanax .25 from my primary dr, and can split down to .12.5 , I've been trying not to take any but its' not working, guess I went too fast. But since I am down to .12.5 now about 2 wks, sometime 2# a day, shifting the times etc. It's amazing after taking that little bit feel improvement, not enough to relax but some improvement. Abmien scares the heck out of me and it sure didn't work last night! The psych dr told me to take double tonight, but I am NOT, like you sd keep with the taper. God I can't believe all the symptoms I am having they flucuate...gastro, twitches, tremors, ANXIETY, sweats, aches, out of body feelings so on ...My poor puppy is having anxiety now with me up and down, not sleeping etc. But not givin in, walked today, played with my pup and staying home til I can get better. :) God bless all of you going thru this hell, I feel your pain, there is hope, just not sure when it will get here??????????????/[/QUOTE]

If I were you I would immediately change doctors. She/he has no clue! And quite obviously no understanding of the nature of addiction to xanax and the hell it is to come off. This doesn't surprise me. Few doctors - esp in US - are really well informed about benzos. Have you read the Ashton Manual - if not - google it and download - its free now.
Stick to your taper plan - slow it down as much as you can - if possible change to a longer acting benzo like valium - as Ashton suggests - it will make your taper so very very much easier. Xanax is so very difficult to taper off because of its short half life - you get thrown in and out of withdrawal in between doses. Just as you describe above. Could you find a doctor who would prescribe valium for this taper? And he/she would obviously understand this whole process. That would be ideal. If not - just stick to your plan - nice and slow - but do it!! Dont deviate -and DONT substitute another addicting drug like ambien - that way lies madness.
Flush the ambien - or you are just heading for big trouble again. I am sure you dont want to face up to another addiction/taper scenario? Personally I think your doctor is being negligent. Inform yourself so that you can be in control?
At the end of all this - surely you want to be free of all drugs? I would have to disagree with Hydro above - and I would not advocate using ambien or any drug "on an occasion" - this just shows that you still have the "stinking thinking" related to drugs. Ultimately drugs are still in the background - still an option for you. Nope - that is just no good and in time you will find yourself back in the pit of despair and addiction. You really must let go of all that kind of thinking - let it go.................... It will be a new you who emerges after this taper - a person who can live life - deal with all its ups and downs like any other normal person - without having to resort to the aid of pills! Normal people live life like that! And you surely want to be just normal? We have the most appalling pill culture - there is literally a pill for everything - and I think you have to break free of that sort of thinking - for only then can you truly be free.
Good luck, you are going in the right direction - dont let anyone tempt you to add any more pills to this equation or you will never break free.
Will be interested to hear how you are doing............
As I really do know - having come off ativan by way of valium in a long slow taper over 6 months. And I can assure you that I will NEVER touch another benzo or sleeping pill ever again in my life. Would rather just give up sleep!!! Much easier to solve...............
Take heart.............

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