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Hi Jndls
Good for you for realising your position.
Suggest you read the thread on benzos, klonopin,xanax.
Google, download, print and read "The Ashton Manual" - it's very manageable - but dont try to go too fast. About a 10% reduction per fortnight............... and ativan is no good to taper off - you need to change over to valium - explanation as per Ashton.
I tapered off Ativan - had been taking 3 mg of ativan - crossed over to an equivalence of valium of 30 mg and tapered down slowly - took me over 6 months - but its very manageable - watch Donna above!
Good luck
valium stays in your system much longer than ativan so its easier to taper. with ativian you go and up and down every 5 or 6 hours. Once you crossover to valium, you can taper it without such bad side effects. Hydroxyzine is atarax and you can find information about it on line. I have tried to taper off of xanax which is like ativan andi had a lot of uncomfortable side effects. Now i am trying the ashton method. I hope you will check it out: Dr. Heather Ashton, Ashton Manual.

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