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I was addicted to Ativan for four years...I got up to 14mgs a night and was thrown into withdrawal because my doctor refused to taper me or help I guess she didn't know how she told me I woul dhave a life long problem anyway...that was two years ago...I can not even begin to tell you Hell I wnt thru to get off that drug! I almost died on my kitchen floor alone...I should have been in a hospital but did not know about these boards or where to turn so I lived thru the was the worst imaginable experience. I have icked and tried every drug and that one took me down!
I've written about it so many times...trembling uncontrolled bowels hair loss I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks hallucinations sweating uncontrolled crying feeling like my neck was coming off the works...after 8 days alone, i fell sleep and never looked back to that drug, after two months after kicking i had twitches, thumb numbness, my nervous system was shot from thos teeny weeny pills.......I have insomnia and still try and take stuff for it i have a demanding job and need I take Benedryl (Unisom) Melatonin, the occasional xanax lowest dose possible only one and never two nites in a row...I have tried sonata, ambien(I hated Ambien) Lunesta, the mettle taste in your mouth is awful...anyway I have heard that if you are on Benzo's you should try to get hold of some Valium since it is longer acting and stays in your body longer than Ativan...then cut the dose from are so lucky to only be at one pill...
I turned into an agoraphobic mess...still battling to sleep ...but would rather stay up the whole night than ever take another ativan it should be banned entirely!
I wish you the best ....Good luck to you with all my heart

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