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Hello Janie13,

I am sorry that you are having such a bad time with the withdrawls but your reaching out shows that you really want to stop using them.

I am no expert on tampering but I hope I can help.

There is no one way for everyone, you must find what works for you. I found that it was to hard for me to tamper and just jumped. When I would try to tamper I would take just enough of the pills to keep myself comfortable during the withdrawls. I would allow my body to go into withdrawl and then take 1/2 a pill and then I would wait for awhile and see if I could handle the side effects. I would only take the other half when I just could not stand it any longer. This way I was training myself to become familier with the awlful feelings of withdrawls and also allow my body the opportunity to adjust to a lower dosage. Now, this may not work for you but it is worth a try.

I would wait longer and longer between my doses and yes I did suffer and so will you but eventually you will get stronger and more in control. Believe me, as bad as it feels withdrawls from Vicodin will not kill you, it will just feel that way. I think the fear of withdrawls is more harmful because we think we are going to die so we take more pills. As for the physical pain that you are feeling, try to take an OTC pain reliever. We tend to forget that they do work. I do not know your history so if you are taking pain pills purscribed by your physician, please discuss this with him/her first. If you are in pain, you need pain medication but if you are abusing the meds, then you need help managing your medications.

Your boyfriend is only doing what he thinks is right but you know your own body. When he gives you your pills, cut them into halves or even forths and try to tamper. It is so hard because you will not get the buzz anymore and your beast is going to rage inside you. It is only a feeling and in time and with pactice you can control it. Eventually, you will have to go cold turkey so prepare yourself. There is a link on the home page with options for OTC remedies to help you when you finally jump off. Some even help you while you are tampering. Please take the time to read and print this information.

If you no longer want your boyfriends help dispensing your meds, then tell him so but be prepared for his reaction remember, he is hurting too! When you are going through detox and withdrawls, nothing make sense and the people around you, understand it even less. Your boyfriend like my husband responds with control and sometimes anger but they are only trying to help us because they love us.

I hopes he stands by you but also be prepard to go though this part without his support, if you cannot do it his way.

My husband did not want anything to do with my recovery because he does not believe in addiction but I made it, not by might nor by strength but by HIS spririt and God has kept me clean for a month.

The bottom line is that you must be ready to stop the maddness and fight with everything in you to free yourself from the pills.

A word of warning: Vicodin was my DOC in the beginning but when I could not get them, I took more powerful pain pills and let me tell you that detoxing off of Vicodin was a walk in the park compared to the devilish Percocet family of killers.

Try to stop now before you get in to deep. I know two years does not seem that long of a time to be addicted but I am here to tell you that these waters are shallow compared to what is ahead of you if, you don't stop using.

Remember, if you are under a doctors care you might want to consider talking to him/her about your situation before you attempt a home detox or stopping any medications.

I am praying for you and your boyfriend and I am here for you.

I luv ya'

It ain't nothing to it but, to do it.

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