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Mom, good for you. You CAN do this! Around days 4-5 things usually start to improve. You will have low energy and depression; it is a normal part of the cycle. There are OTC options that will help. If you have not reviewed it already, the Sample Home Detox sticky post in Moderator's section. Detox substantially depletes and robs the body of vital things, especially with the diahrreah. In order to feel better you need to replenish those things, especially B Complex and Zinc/Magnesium...will help with energy and depression levels as well as pain.
Mom, a multi vitamin and a multi mineral are good, but you will need more beyond the standard multi levels in B-Complex (100 mg) and Zinc/Magnesium (60 mg. zinc) If you buy a Zinc Plus formula it will include Magnesium. If you are not taking rx SSRIs for depression then also pick up some St. John's Wort and L-Tyrosine. The Wort you can get at Walmart the LT Health Food store. Both will help ward of depression and the L-Tyrosine will help with energy level. Refer to the Sample Home Detox in the sticky post section for dosing levels.

It is important to know that the following recommendations about importance of diet, exercise, nutrients are NOT for the standard reasoning that we are used to hearing it. It is critical in DETOX as the process is brutal on your body. The diahrreah flushes all of your nutrients out and results in dehydration, low energy, and depression. Therefore, you must replenish everything. The sooner you can get your body resupplied the more quickly you will start to feel better. Drink LOTS of water and take the supplements, they WILL help. Also, you MUST walk 20-30 min daily to get your body's own natural engine primed, restarted, and working for you. Understand that when one takes painkillers, one of the side effects is that because you are supplying EXTERNAL drugs that your body reads the supply signal and quits making its own natural dopamine---your endorphins shut down. The body is a wonderful design; it will self assess, figure out what it needs and produce it over time. You can help expedite how long it takes with adding, exercise, supplements, and lots of water, and of course good diet and rest. The brain endorphins are signalled to get to work by a physical demand (exercise) being placed on the body. It takes 20-30 min daily in order to kickstart the old machine....your endorphins will produce natural dopamine which will help with coping with pain, stress, and sleep. The more you exercise the better you will feel because the body will produce dopamine at levels sufficient enough to cope with the demand you are placing on it so the 20-30 min daily is the more if you can. Before bed take a HOT hot as you can stand will relax muscles and initiate dopamine to help you sleep.

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