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Hi Kim,

I think it was Providential that you bumped this up. I've been reading a lot on here and posting some. You may have answered on one of my threads. I will have to go back and re-read. How are you doing? Sounds like you are still clean. Good for you!!

Tuesday night will be the night I take my last pills. I am on low doses compared to what a lot of you describe, so it may be okay. I have a lot of the supplements listed in the At Home Detox. I just started on OC (10 mg) and still taking about 15 - 20 mg of Percocet for breakthrough pain. Also taking 3/4 of a .5 mg Klonopin at night and 1 Soma. In some ways I don't feel I have an addiction problem, and I do have real pain~a pretty serious back condition, but I managed it naturally before and I want to try again. I have been on the meds 2 years now, but I went 25 years w/o.

Since I am on low doses I figure it's a good time to quit. Years ago, in my teens and early 20s, I used a lot of PCP and a lot of other stuff, and even though I haven't abused my medication, I know deep inside that I really like that buzz that comes along with the pain relief.

My husband is going away to see his mother for a week, so I figured it would be a good time to quit. I tried tapering and it did not work for me. I am off work for the summer also. I tried stopping the Klonopin a few weeks ago and had withdrawals. I had to work at the time, so I went back on it. But after Tues. that's it!!

Well, I have some things to do, but I wanted to see how you were doing and also ask you if you could check in once in a while because I may have some rough bumps later in the week. . .

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