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Tapering vs Detox
Apr 21, 2006
I have a question about tapering down narcotic pain meds before stopping. I heard that the best way is to taper down the amount of milligrams you take total per week instead of day. For example lets say I take 1400 mg per week of Tramadol, and then the next week I take 1300 mg, then the following week 1200, etc. When I finally get down to say 1 pill per day, and then I stop taking it at all, will there be any withdrawal? And if there is, will it be fairly mild and won't last long? Because I know that when you taper down anything there is some WD, and I don't want to prolong the experience if I am still going to have bad WDs after tapering down for such a long time. Is it better just to go to detox?? Or should I switch to another medication that is easier to get off? Please help, I am planning on doing this soon. I am also hooked on benzos for sleep, and my doctor said he will prescribe me benzos with a longer half life to help me taper off them.

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