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I think I was wrong about you having w/d from methadone, since you only used it sporadicly. I do think it is funny that you remember how long you have been clean down to the minute, Oh what addicts we are! I do the same thing. It has been 8 days 3hours and 20 minutes since my last dose of liquid methadone, which is what they give you at the meth clinic in DC. I was on 90mg of methadone for 3 months straight, so I know my w/d is going to take longer. Get this though..... Ultram totally wiped out my withdrawl symptoms. I heard worked similar to methadone, but did not think it would work mas well as it did.
anyway... I took Ultram last night and slept almost the same as you. 11-5 AM
was up till 6AM, took more ultram and a Lortab, then was back asleep until 11:30AM !!!!
Awesomesince I hadn't slept for 3 days

Well, I gotta take my kids to the park, so tt you later
Chris :)
Proward-Yeah I live near the Springfirld mixing bowl/"deathlanes". Cool your from Suburban MD. Happy to see your not in much discomfort, god knows we don't need that on top of our family/work obligations.
Over-it-2day- Yeah Ultram works great for w/ds. You will feel a only a minimum of discomfort, usually just sweating and a lack of energy. How many to take depends on your sitch. two 50mg tabs = 4 hours of relief, So I would take 2 tablets every 4 to 6 hours for pain and suffering(sounds just like what a doctor would prescribe) I get 240 per month, which is the maximum dose of 8 tabs per day. Ultram can cause seizures in high doses, and also has a bad interaction with flexeril.
My script says take 1 to 2 tablets 4 times daily.
If you have some I would go ahead and take some, just not more than you need and not longer than 5 days, so You wont become dependant on them like me, even though I don't abuse them. :cool:
My day has been awesome compared with the past 5 days. I thought about going to the hospital all day yesterday. My w/d was BAD. My mom had to drive me to the pahrmacy because I couldn't concentrate. Also, I couldn't believe that Lortab/hydo did VERY VERY LITTLE to relieve my sympts. I would have thought hydro would have blown away the Ultram-boy was I wrong.Also, I did take them with methadone and with no adverse reaction, however the nurse at the clinic said I shouldn't take the ultram because the methdone was enough. Anyway, I have to go cook dinner for my kids.
Good luck!

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