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Well, I started taking the ultram about 3 years ago for for back pain/nerve pain i have from a major, traumatic back injury. I am still in pain, but you know the pills don't relieve it really... Just make me not care and since i was able to detect addiction within the first month of taking them, i just kept it up to prevent the wd.

So its now day 8 of cold turkey.

today is the first day the physical withdrawal symptoms have lessened almost to the point of completeness. I'll still get a few sneezes in and a couple cold chills (though strangley the "cold turkey" skin has stopped). The mental anguish continues. Major depression, desperate feelings, anxiety and no energy. I am still kinda emotional, but its getting better or turning to bitterness... i dunno which (probably just confused!). All i know is that it sucks and some light is flickering in what seems to be a very long, dark tunnel. Well, its Friday afternoon now (quit my 4 ultram a day habit the previous thursday)

I never abused them or anything, but still i knew the reason for the continued use. I really just don't want that embarrasment and i hate the feeling of an un-natural, external source dictating when its time to dose up. Just not the way i wanted to live and to be honest (im not too irrational today) i have actual driven people i love/loved/friends out of my life in the past because of my new best friend, the tram. I just didn't really seem to care about much of anything else. The WD is horrible, you will start dealing with whatever issues you have placed on hold while you were taking them.

So, i wanted to post today to let everyone know that the physical parts does end and ends relatively quick, but from logical observations, i can assume the mental, anxiety, depression will continue on for some time, but i think its getting better, slowely.

Has there been any posts from someone just beginning withdrawal and then posted a follow-up to there recovery say, three months or even a year down the road and are still successful? I never knew that pills could make life so bearable. This is my second time detoxing off this stuff, hopefully for good.

I am glad to report that for the sleepiness, it can be handled (in my case) with a 10mg dose of flexeril and 10 mg ambien..... Just take the ambien when you are in a dark room lying down, take it and go back to shut eye. The pleasurable feeling of being up and around on it can lead to yet another addiction i assume.

slowly..... trying...... to discover the old me.

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