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[QUOTE=featherweight]Could I impose on you for some much needed information?

I (think) my husband is an alcoholic. He is 67, married for 36 years and I have NEVER known him to go a day without having several drinks before dinner. (He has stopped a few times for 2 weeks or so but always go back to it). Presently he is drinking about 8-12 ozs of bourbon before dinner. He gets to bad he can hardly walk. Manages to eat dinner but falls asleep immediately after eating and sometimes with food in his mouth. It's disgusting to me who doesn't drink. He usually awakens around 1:00 am and cat naps til 5:00 and gets up. He is absolutely fine the next day!

Since he hasn't had any major episodes like ER visits, vomiting, etc. IS he an alcoholic or just a problem drinker? Can you damage your liver with the amount he is drinking. He claims what he drinks is very minimal compared to those with true alcoholism.

Any thoughts?[/QUOTE]

Well in my opinion drinking that much everyday does constitute alcohol dependence if not alcoholism. He doesn't sleep properly because alcohol affects the normal sleep ryhthms, which prevents you from experiencing REM sleep. And yes, I beleive he is doing damage to his liver especially with bourbon. And I have often "compared" myself to other drinkers, I guess trying to "convince" myself it wasn't a problem....DENIAL. I have close family members who drink similar to your husband and they go to work everyday but have similar behaviors you describe. I guess I would call them functioning alcoholics. Going two weeks, is a feat, but it takes alot longer to "detox" the system and when an alcoholic goes back to drinking they start off where they ended and the disease progresses worse each time. Has he had his lipase/amalyse tested (liver functioning)? He probably doesn't get "sick" because he does drink everyday. Alcoholics they say "get sick when they don't drink, not when they do." Perhaps he has symptoms but he doesn't clue you in on them. Hope this helped.:)

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