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any benzo you come off of has withdrawal effects. it doesn't matter if you taper or cold turkey, small or large amounts, short or long periods of time, very few people come off of benzos (xanax & ativan being the worst) without some type of withdrawals. your wifes symptoms are common. probably feels like she's walking on cotton or wool. i am coming off of benzos(tapering), i get electric shocks in my spine and head, severe depression, muscle cramps, etc. not all at the same time, they come and go. also, i can tolerate them. your wife is more afraid than anything else, which will raise her adrenaline levels, and hype up her already stressed out nervous system from the xanax. i guarantee you it's just symptoms of the xanax. if it continues, and it freaks her out that bad, have her checked out just for her peace of mind. remember also, she is sensitive emotionally and mentally from the xanax,so this might be adding to it. i wish her the best.

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