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Elvis1209 -

Thank you for posting your story and i wish you continued success using suboxone in getting off opiates.

Regarding benzos, I am using a .25 mg XANAX at night to help with sleep and the anxiety a cold turkey w/d can cause. However, i will switch to benaryl tonight (It is will 6 days at 7PM tonight off hydro for me) The main reason that i am not using benzos anymore is becuase i have read that the addiction to that can be very hard to break. Hopefully 6 evenings of use will not affect me (w/d wise from benzos)

I would not mix drugs at all. Try to use your sub and not use the bezo and ask you doctor if you have questions about anxiety.

i am feeling better , a little bit now, but still waking up in the AM and getting going is still very challenging! It seems to me that the early afternoons I get really depressed and low. i do not crave hydro then, just a overall low feeling comes on. When Elvis talks about being at work and not wanting to do any actual work i know EACTLY what he means. i used the "flu excuse" for time off during my at home detox and will leave the office early (3PM) and go home and rest. Then I force myself to exercise on the treadmill and that helps so much with mood elevation and energy for a few hours.

Keeo the quit and have a clean day. Re-reading all of the posts really helps when I am emotionally drained.

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