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This is my first post--I was given pain relievers in hospital when I had 5 broken vertebra in my back...then, when I started recovering from all that
I still had very bad lower back pain. Doctor gave me hydrocodone (7/700)
which I took once a day when I woke up in the morning. I found it stopped
the back pain and gave me a great feeling of well-being. Doctor gives me
limitless refills-No problem about that. Everything was going fine until about
3 months ago when I would go to sleep at night, sleep 3 hours or so and then be up All night--Every night. Also had diarrhea constantly, as well as restless leg syndrome. I finally figured that all this was coming from the hydrocodone.
Found this Forum and read posts all the way back. Was totally shocked to
read of all the agony this stuff has caused, and that almost everyone on
this board was given hydro by doctors after a broken bone or other painful
injury. As I was reading the posts on this board I realized that people had
All of the symptoms I had. I knew then that I had to stop taking the stuff,
which I did at that moment and it has now been about 5 weeks and I can
sleep at night again. I, however have one new symptom, if that's what it
is and wonder if anyone can comment on this? During the nights when
I woke up at 3, my mind would instantly latch onto some resentment
from the past, anger toward relatives, friends, things I haven't thought of
in years...and almost All the people I am angry with have been Dead for
years. It's like an obsession--I still have it at different times, though it
is not as intense or frequent now. Has anyone experienced this kind of

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