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Hi I have been taking Methadone for quite some time for constant low back and leg pain for pain management, I go on a monthly basis to get refilled, but anyway, I ran out of my Methadone one time last year and I had no withdrawl effects, but this time I ran out, and cant get into my Pain Management Doc until late next week, for a refill, but anyway, I have started having bad COLD SWEATS, SHIVERING, HEADACHE, SHAKES, DEPRESSION, YAWNING ALOT, UPSET STOMACH... so after looking on the internet I am pretty certain it is Methadone withdrawl, but anyway, my question is, I have some ULTRAM and you said you tried it and it helped the withdrawl, I thought about trying that to see if it helped me, I dont suppose it could hurt anything could it? Mine are 50mg tabs, says to take 1 or 2 every 6 hrs.... Should 1 pill do the job? Just curious about your input since you had used ULTRAM for Methadone withdraw symptoms.

I was given Hydrocodone for pain relief after surgery to remove a lymph node. Took one which relieved the pain but made me itch and kept me WIDE awake. Told the doctor about the itching (not severe) and keeping me awake. Had surgery months later to remove gallbladder and was given same pain reliever. However, no itching and (thankfully) relief of the pain. Took several days and then stopped. When I stopped I had very painful legs and arms with heaviness in my legs. Took the hydrocodone again and noticed that I had energy to clean the house. Noticed that I was clamping my jaw and had the feeling I had taken a diet pill. No leg pain that day but the next day it was hard to walk. So I decided to stop taking it and gradually the leg pain and arm pain went away. Question: Has anyone experienced the amphetamine effect? The leg pain and arm pain?
In addition, I talked with my sister who had been taking it Hydrocodone for stomach surgery. Later on the Hydrocodone, she had painful legs and was diagnosed with restless leg syndrome and was given Klonapin for it. She stopped the hydrocodone. She felt she was getting dependent on the Klonapin and had uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms trying to stop it (flu-like symptoms, achey, no energy.) Told her doctor and he put her on Xanax and she said that relieved the problems.

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