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Hey you,

Congrats on graduating that is awesome!! :bouncing: Yes, like others have said, all your shakes and what not will pass with some time. Eating may not be appealing to you now, but it is a good idea. When I was commin off drugs and heavy drinking, I would eat things that wouldn't be so gross and painfull to throw up later if and when I did. That helped for me at least. Thats great to hear that you are slowly lowering your alcohol intake!! It is hard but I know you can get through it and that you can do it!! I have a ton of faith in the program of AA and you seem to be pretty serious and I have faith in you! Keep it up no matter how hard it gets! Another saying that helped me out sometimes was that my worst day sober was still better than my best day drinking! Good luck and keep going, trudge the road to happy destiny, you are not alone, that I promise you!!

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