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i'm sure you do feel low enough already. my hat's off to you for coming off of everything at once. the vicodin is bad enough, but giving up cigs and coffee at the same time is creating more withdrawal than you would feel if it was just the vicodin. btw, ultram is considered 'non-narcotic', but it binds to the opiod receptors just like vicodin, and can cause withdrawals just as bad as the vicodin. you know in your heart that you are doing the right thing, and that the suffering will pass soon. my son is now 26 yrs. old, but i was a druggie when i got pregnant, stayed clean while pregnant, then began drinking a few months after he was born. never went back to the street drugs. i stayed drunk until he was 4. i found AA. i stayed clean, and did my best to make it up to him and give him a good life. i felt tremendous guilt for the mother i had been. i began to give him the best love and nurturing a mother can give. i have not drank since then. right now i am coming off of benzodiazepenes that my dr. put me on about a year ago. i didn't know they were an addictive drug until i went c/t and had seizures.when i told my dr i didn't want to take them anymore, he didn't even tell me the dangers of going c/t. i had to reinstate at a low level(with a different dr., since mine was an idiot) and i am now tapering. i thought they were like ssri's! boy, was i stupid. you definitely need to talk to your dr. about the zoloft thing. also, search the web for ssri message boards. you will get more information from people who have come off of them then you will from your dr. i know how crappy it feels to be an addict and a mother. this is your chance to turn your life around, and be a good mother to both children. it's not too late. :wave:

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