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Don't worry and you will be fine. Taper off the Zoloft though !! But Vicodin is consider a fairly safe drug "B" class for pregnancy. A lot of pregnant women remain on harder narcotics such as Percocet when they're are in extreme pain. Even in the 3rd trimester!! You shouldn't have just jumped off the Vicodin. WDs can put your body into miscarraige. So please if you feel any WDs, take a Vicodin and taper off it. Tapering is the safest thing for your pregnancy especially in your first trimester!!!

I have a few friends who worked in Labor/Delivery as doctors/nurses and they told me they've seen thousands of baby on Vicodin and delivered healthy and beautiful babies. So don't worry and you will be fine. It seems that you are already out of the woods anyway... Congratulations on your pregnancy! Enjoy it while you can.

You can also do searches here and find other women who were on Vicodin and tapered off or had to remain on it because of serious issues they were having. The doctors had them remain on Vicodin and they delivered healthy , beautiful babies!!

Don't worry!!

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