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:confused: I have no injuries but I do take Vicoden for the last 4 years. The odd way I got started on it was my premature-ejactulating problem with my grilfriend( NO JOKE). My freind had given me 4 vicodens of his farthers and I NEVER HAD that issue again. I begain to reley on them when we had sex, me and friend was the only ones who knew. Now the girls been gone for 2 years. I am still doing vicoden and somtimes mophine. I an I take 7 to 8 vic a morning, 7 about 4o'cloak and another 5 or 6 before I go to bed. I don't have a docters prescription for this . This is only personal to me,and me only. No one in my family or cricle of freinds knows.

I've tried going cold turkey 7 times 4 yrs and the longest I did was 5 days. I looked into going into counseneling or a methadone lab but i CANNOT OFFORD ANY OF THAT. Worse is that I don't by the pills I steal then from my grandmother and another relitive, I HATE MY SELF FOR THIS LIKE MAD. So if I did go into a program to help , only of my family members might now. Then my grandmother will figure out that ,that is were she's missing some each month. I have been doing it for 4 yrs now and hate it !!! Some one any ideas I can do??? I cannot afford a treatmemt plant. I work so when I don't have my normmal 8 5/500 vics I suffer at work. But at work when I do have it i'M speedy and way alert and myself. When I don't have any at work I find myself running to the bathroom. I had great grades in school ( I'm 32 yrs old noW), I have a god job its just I have this addiction and I know its been showing in my moods and I just want to quit before it really tears up my life an I hate going into thier bedroom to find their dugs and take some and hope they don't recount thier supply.


btw I do 11 or those ( the ones that say 15) mophine blue pills and you feel in heaven for ALMOST 24 OURS.


Thank you :angel:
Edit/Delete Message :confused:[B]Vicodin 5/500mg and 7.5/700mg and morphine (little blue pill 15mg)[/B]
Well done on posting here, you are one step closer already...

It is a tough situation to be in but you've realised you have a problem and you want to do something about it. That's another two steps...

You are gonna need support from some one close to you now. Is there anyone you can talk to about your situation, a friend or family member ?

I can't to tell you what to do... I can tell you what I did... I came clean, told my family and they were supportive after the initial shock and disappointment.

You say you did 5 days without pills, a day or two more and you would of been over the worst part and starting to feel better.

Look at your options and then make a decision that you feel is the right one.
That's my my advice, I know you will beat this, good luck.

Come back soon
At the amount your taking I know how hard cold turkey will be. [ [COLOR=Sienna][I]REMOVED[/I][/COLOR] ] Gradually decrease your dose say cut one of your morning pills out and one of your afternoon and one of your evenings do that for a couple of days and then cut out another pill at each dosing. You might feel a little uncomfortable but keep doing this til your almost done. Have to let your body adjust to each cut down if you dont eventually your going to start to have some serious health problems, your liver cannot break down all that tylenol. Stay strong and if you want go get it, you can do it. Really consider a taper. Kim

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