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I would look into buprenorphene as cold turkey usually ends in failure.The buprenorphene will take away your withdrawls and cravings allowing you to resume your life without being stoned.Once you and your doctor feel your ready then you do a slooow detox from the buprenorphene and that's that (in a perfect world)....Good luck to you....Dave
On my 3rd day now cold turkey. My story is almost exactly like yours Deb, I was seriously thinking of calling my doc today for some Vicodin hoping that might relieve some of this hell. I threw all of my pain meds in the toilet after I made it through the first day... day 2 was hell on earth. Day 3 seems a little better but hell might still be preferable to this. I was doing about 80mg a day, took 40mg on Sunday then just quit. Of course I was breaking an 80mg in half (or quarters) and taking them througout the day, seemed SO NORMAL until I decided enough was enough. Luckily being self-employed I'll make it through financially but I don't wish this on Hitler.
AC, you have no idea how good it is to hear someone in the same pit of hell as myself! Not that I want to see you there by any means!! We can do it, I know we can.

I was a coke head for 10 years, serious abuse, staying up for 4 days, sleeping for 2 and I kicked that sucker cold turkey 5 years ago. Not a bit of w/d.

I literally had no idea what this stuff was gonna do to me.
I made it through three days and caved on the 4th. I actually think it may have gotten better, but my addiction got the better of me.

I started thinking that maybe a taper is in order because I too think 60 mg(mine) and 80mg (yours), is just too much to do cold turkey. I have decided to spend 5 more days tapering and then stop on Sunday. Plus I can load up on vitamins. And at least it may not be such a shock to the system.. Have tapered down to 15mg a day.

I saw another thread here last night where that person too was coming off a high dose of oxycodone and she said she did not think she could do it at home, and she had previously detoxed at home for vikes.

How are you today?
OK, an update. I talked with a nurse friend and she was appalled at what I was trying to do (cold turkey) and immediately said that if I wanted this to all be over the very fastest way then that's it, but that if I needed to go to work and function as a human being then I had better consider a taper plan.

I caved... sorta. I took ONE Norco 10/325 and all of a sudden everything is right in the world. ONE! I'm sorry if I have let anybody down but I was looking at day 4 with no relief in sight and I absolutely MUST work tomorrow so I had to do something. I'm thinking one was this effective because I already had 96 hours under my belt. So here's my plan. The nurse suggested I try to take a total of 6 the first day or two, and then four etc... I think with as good as one has made me feel six is excessive so I think I'll try to start with four and taper on down from there. I WANT six yes, but this isn't about what I want anymore. The only issue is the return of some back pain but she gave me a lidocaine patch and told me to try that and VIOLA my back felt better within an hour. I've been on Norco and other Hydro before and got off of it without much incidence at all and I am thinking tapering down from this will be an absolute breeze compared to what I was going through. I wanted so bad to stick it out all the way Bob, but being self employed and having work scheduled for Friday I had to do something. If today had been better than yesterday I would have stuck it out but it seemed even worse with no end in sight.

My question, when I get down to a pill or two a day will I have anything like what I went through the last four days? I can't imagine so since I've never had a problem stopping the Hydro before, it's the OXY that did this to me.

BTW My girl friend is dropping off the doses at 6 am and 3:30 pm so I can't cheat. Any input appreciated...

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