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I agree with the others, your already on day three, & it should start getting better by day five. If you go back to the hydro (vics) Your probably going to start w/d's over again.
Myself I came off of 480 mg a day of oxy. Plus roxycodone, & any other opiate I could get my hands on. Abused it for ten years.
I tappered for four months, then went cold turkey. I had really bad W/D's for five days, then lesser w/d symptoms for 17 more. I'm now into day 54. You might want to think about getting some support, aa or na. Even now I'm still craving, & if it wasn't for this board I probably would have lapsed by now.
UPDATE #2 I started feeling like crap-ola about 6 hours after taking the first Norco. I waited until almost 8 hours to take pill #2 just now and I gave my GF the rest of my supply an told her to bring two back to me tonight. I am hoping that I won't need to take them but I do need to get sleep so I want them on hand just in case the eebie-jeebie w/d's hit me again tonight. My plan is no more than 4 per day tapering to zero and hoping this lidocaine patch thing might be an alternative to Hydro/Oxy in the future. I am coming to the stark realization it is the Oxy that did this to me, something I basically took when I couldn't get my Hydro then eventually I ws taking the stuff daily. Like I said before I have been on and off Hydro when I've taken it as prescribed (or at least somewhere in that neighborhood) and never really had any issues when my script ran out. This go-around (the last two-three months) my back pain was especially persistent and that's when I went through my script so fast and ended up getting the Oxy on the side. I have a non addictive sleep aid I can take tonight and hopefully I'll wake up with my two Norcos on my nightstand. I pray to God that's the case.

Anyway, I am on a rampage to hopefully find a non habit-forming answer to my back pain, I simply cannot and will not go through these w/d's ever again. The dosages some of you went cold turkey from make me feel like a pure wimp in comparison, the last 4 days were 4 of the worst in my life and I will NEVER take Oxy again. The stuff works so good, but you just can't quit taking it and that is not something I can deal with.

I'll keep updating here, the GF will be back in a couple hours but I can't imagine needing another hydro anytime near that soon. On the other hand, I can't trust myself at this point and that's why she has the pills. Honesty in all we do right? ;)

Ok, NA. Yeah... this is an issue I am going to have to deal with. I was taking the meds for ligitimate pain, but I was eventually taking meds not prescribed to me and when I tried to quit you all see what happened. I am a recovering AA and NA member with 14 years clean/sober under my belt. My drugs of choice were speed and pot, not to mention huge amounts of alcohol. I'll talk to my sponsor but I think I'm going to have to bite the bullet and go back in as a newcomer and start my time over. Maybe not with AA but I think I will with NA. I haven't touched a drop, smoked a smoke of any sort, or snorted a thing since 1991... And it wasn't my intention to get high off of the pain meds... BUT I didn't mind the buzz I'll admit. I don't feel so clean. :nono:

BTW, thanks Christy. If I had known one Norco would make me feel that much better I would have done that first but I think the four days from hell is something I had to go through to even get to that point. It's four days of my life I will never forget.

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