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Familiar story, started taking Vicodin for back pain and when my meds would run out early I would go to friends for suplemental relief. I ended up doing about 80mg of oxy per day (broke the green 80mg tablets into 2 to 4 pieces). Sunday I took 40 mg and decided I had had enough of this demon. Monday went ok, Tuesday it was worse and I realized how hellish getting of of this might be so I immediately threw all my meds in the toilet. Yesterday was complete hell, every symptom listed belonged to me. Today is a little better but still horrible.

My question, what do you think of getting a refill on the Vics to get me through this? Will it help? I've been reading about others taking alot more Oxy than I was and my heart goes out to you. This stuff sucks.

So what do you think, stick it out cold turkey, or taper off the 5/500 Vics??
AC what is the Norco. is that like Vicodin? Cuz I actually kicked the worst of my oxy w/d by taking a vike every 4 hours when they came on. Went on like that for 3 days. Now the vike w/d is nothing compared to that hell. : ) Am so proud of you!!!!
Deb, I am 44, I had a serious speed/cocaine/pot habit from 15 to 29. I've had a couple pretty serious injuries since then and have used pain meds no prob. With Vicodin I coule always stop when the pain did or the script ran out. The reason I got on the Oxy was a pain thing, not a drug thing. This particulat episode of pain was long enough and severe enough that Vicodin was no longer handling the job unless I took about 6 at a time. I never wanted to get high, I'm over that, I just wanted the pain to stop. I don't feel any of the "dirtiness" from using the pain meds really, I just wanted to stop and evaluate my pain and that's when I realized what kind of grip the Oxy had on my body. I'm too bull-headed to let anything have a grip on me like that, hence the whole episode where I threw the meds in the toilet and the following hell.

Yes, Norco is Vicodin with less tylenol.

Over the last few weeks I have been researching cyatic pain and alternate treatments. I can't go through that w/d thing again.

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