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Just so you know,percocet IS oxycodone.and the vicodin is hydrocodone.the two are indeed both narcotics but medically hydro is weaker than the oxy is actually like the next step UP from the hydro not down.usually in a pain situation when a patient has stopped getting relief from hydro the next step a good pain doc would take would be to step you up a notch to the percs.

oxycodone is also a pure opiate and hydro is created in a is a synthetic narcotic pain med.

i really do think that no matter how you do this taper,you are still going to end up with some level of WDs.the best thing I did for me when I needed help to get off the crap and get on with my life,after trying this and that at home and really not having alot of sucess with any of it,was to just go thru out patient treatment.this support was really the crucial part of this whole wd and finally coming to terms with things and deciding that I really wanted my life back under MY control not thru a bottle of pain meds,and all the crap we have to go thru to just maintain a supply anymore.

this also allowed time just for me,to work on me.away from my home and the kids and my husband,this time was just for me alone.that part was also a biggie too.

I think you are just prolonging the inevitable here really and will have to go thru this part eventually.the best possible thing you can do for yourself at this point is to get yourself into a good outpatient treatment program.whether you decide to actually tell your doc at this point is entirely up to you.most insurance companies these days will not require any sort of actual referral for any sort of mental health or sustance abuse programs.although some still do.But I would highly advise you to come clean with your doc so you two can come up with another way to actually treat your pain as narcotics would be a big no no once you are clean.there are many many other options for pain control other than narcotics,trust me on thatone.

just what IS your actual cause of pain?at any rate,you know what you have to do here and quite honestly instead of tapering here and there,it would really be much better if you just called a treatment center and asked them what to do and how you go about getting into their program.

when i called the treatment center I was going to go into they assessed me over the phone as far as where i was at with my pill consumption so they could get things in place should I have needed to detox at some level.luckily for me,i had had no pills in three days before that and in the days before those three,i was only spreading out like two vics per day,so my wds were very minimal by that time.but this would ideally be the best way to go,it really worked rather well for me for many different reasons.i do wish you luck with this but you just need to make up your mind that this is what you really really want to do for yourself and your family then make a plan and dive in.

believe me,there ARE people out there who are willing to help you ,but it is up to you to actually take that first step and actually tap into the programs.even going to an NA meeting at this point would help you alot,really.having support was just sooo very important for me in order to really be able to get my entire life back onto the right track.Please let us know how you are doing,marcia

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