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Instead of jail maybe a locked rehab center where you can't leave until you have been completely detoxified and gone through psychotherapy. That way you don't have a stain on your record as a human being and be able to get a job when you recover. Can the child be committed if he's under the age of 18?[/QUOTE]

Yes, I would have loved to keep my son in a rehab center for months at a time rather than see him go to jail. The problem is that these programs are big business for folks with great insurance and deep pockets.

We spent tens of thousands of dollars putting our son in rehab treatment. We desparately spent all the money we had hoped we would use for his college education. We spent our family savings. We spend all the money we had put away for the other kids' education.

As soon as he got out, he was RIGHT back on drugs - not a single day clean.
after rehab. Guess what - no follow-up and no money-back from the rehab center. The bills keep coming in. Come to find out, he was getting drugs WHILE IN THE SO-CALLED LOCK-DOWN REHAB CENTER! The whole teen rehab thing is a sham. It exhausted our family's life savings and it did not work.

To tell the truth, the jail system was better than the rehab center. He did not get drugs while in jail. When he got out, he was on parole and had to meet with a parole officer and get tested regularly. If he used, he got real consequences that he knew for a fact he would have to live with. That was a lot more than the rehab did.

Based on my very disappointing experience, teen rehab centers are a sham focused more on shaking money out of desparate parents than they are in recovering the teen addict. As the people on this forum say over and over again, you cannot help those who do not want to be helped. Teens rarely want help, so the resources are wasted on teen rehab centers.

In the reality of today's world, the jail system with all it's terrible shortcomings works better than teen rehab which has very little value at all.

By the way, "yes" people under the age of 18 can go to adult jail. Also, you have to use the word "child" very loosely for these big teens that do bad things that hurt other people. From what I have seen, these teen addicts do a lot of big-people damage to others and no longer deserve to be called children.

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