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If we could all see what we are doing to these addicts, whether they are our sons daughters, cousins, mothers, brothers or sisters, by enabling them, we would stop. When an addict gets desperate, who do they call? US...what do we do? Let them in, give them food, money, cell phones so they can call us when they NEED us again. It's not really need, it's use. They use us. And they will continue to use us, as long as we allow it. STOP!!!!!!!!!!! Set the rules of your household and stick to them. Don't allow addicts to destroy you! We do allow it!! It's hard not to, I know......believe me I know...but I have gotten to a point where I don't care about the addict anymore. I care about my son. And as long as he chose to do drugs, my caring went out the window. takes a while to get your belly full. But you will. If it doesn't break you emotionally and financially first...don't let it. Do get therapy, counselling for YOURSELF.....we need to take care of us........they won't change until they are ready....and we dont want to drop dead before that happens!! Do we?????? Let's take care of US...........parents deserve that. If your son or daughter is 21..........let go!!!!!!!!!!

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