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Hi Kelli,

The amount of pain medication someone takes every day really doesn't have much to do with addiction. There are many people out there that take large doses of morphine and other strong pain meds. daily who are not 'addicted'.

They are 'dependant' and that basically means that if they stop taking the medication they have been taking, they will go thru withdrawals. Again, it doesn't indicate addiction.

*Why* is he taking Percocet on a daily basis? Is he having pain every day (I know of some people with kidney stone problems that are chronic pain patients and do take daily pain meds), or is he taking them because he likes the way they make him feel?

Or taking them because they give him 'energy'? Or any other reason other than for pain. Granted, people you see taking 30=50 pills a day are usually addicted because Dr.'s wouldn't have them taking that many short acting meds..

Hope this wasn't 'too much information' but I wasn't sure how familiar you are with this subject!


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