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[QUOTE=pleasantville]i am 4 months benzo free today after tapering off 4mgs ativan using valium. i have been on different benzos (klonopin, xanax, ativan) for 7 years and became horribly dependent, tolerant and addicted. xanax is similar to ativan in that they both have a short half life. i could not direct taper off of ativan and once tried using klonopin which was hell on earth. i have to say that while i had a difficult time during the crossover to valium, once my body got used to the difference in drugs, it became alot easier. if you are determined and can tolerate some discomfort, valium is the only way to go. it only took me 5 months to taper off the 30mgs valium.


Well, I finally found a center that offers free services for sunstance abuse and detox, my local MHMR referred me.....I have an appointment tomorrow morning and I'm not sure what to expect except that they will supplement me with another med to get me off the Xanax......I have heard alot of horror stories about Valium being used in this process but I guess everyone is different and it just depends on the person and their body, etc.....I hope this all works out, I HATE XANAX and what it has done to me, I pray I make it thru this and when I do, NO MORE BENZOS, actually I'm hoping no more of any meds but of course being diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder I may have to be put on something or find other ways of controlling it.....wish me luck and thanks to all of you for your posts, atleast I know I'm not the only one dealing with this in the world :) :wave:

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