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I 100% agree with patty..I think with your drug history and what you are about to have to deal with that Methadone maintenance would be the best thing for you right now.It works wonders for those addicts that are also dealing with pain issues also.I have been a methadone patient for a little over 2yrs.I have also went from being unable to work in my field in years to having a job in that field for the past 2yrs at the same place. Anyways my addiction got started with a back injury in which I herniated 2 disks and was in allot of pain(still have bad days).Well as allot of addictions start I got to the point where one wasn't working so I went to two,then three and so on.In the end though I was no different than any other addict.There before I found MMT it was nothing for me to snort 320mg of oxycontin,60+of ms contin and taking 25 or so hydrocodone.Then there were the days I would wear the Fentanyl patches a couple days then suck what was left out of it before I put another one on.I still have the same back problems but because of my addiction the standard "chronic pain"treatments arent a good idea for me so I went the methadone route.I too went the rehab/dry-out route to no avail.I was back out and taking meds again within a couple weeks or less.It was just way to hard to try and deal with the pain when I knew that all it would take was a couple pills to make it all go away for awhile.
So here I am with the same back problems that I had 3yrs ago the only difference is that I haven't taken a pain pill since Febuary 4,2004.As I said before I have a wonderful job making good money,I have my family back that I came soo close to losing forever and my pain is mostly under control..I couldn't have done ANY of this without Methadone.
You are about to face months maybe years of treatments that you don't know how it will affect you.More likely than not you will have some major pain to boot.The last thing you are gonna need during all this is a fight to remain sober and sane..So why not methadone treatment.I think in your situation it would be the best thing that you could possibly do.With the amount of opiates you have crammed into your system over the years more than likely your brain is going to need time to heal before you can ever even contemplate living a "normal"life without any opiate based meds.The methadone will not only take away the insane need inside of you to take all those pain pills.You can get well without having to be SO sick from the withdrawals.Lord knows your body doesn't need the added stress from withdrawals right now.All its focus should be on battling the cancer.So should yours!With methadone you would be free to do that.You would be able to get up everyday swallow your medicine like anyone else that takes meds on a daily basis for whatever.Then go about your day taking care of all the other stuff going on in your life without having to worry where you are gonna get your next "fix" and actually feel like doing all that..And one of the other things about it is while you are going about your day you can do it with a whole lot less pain that most times nothing that a couple ibuprofen wouldn't take care of.Everything will start falling into place for you.Its an amazing thing when you notice that happening too.I am sorry this is so long I just wanted you to know that this option is a good one for someone that has addiction as well as actual pain issues and that if you do it right and you want it..Methadone WORKS!
You are in my prayers.
Take Care,

PS I just want to add that this is MY experience with MMT and not every treatment works as well with EVERY person so you must do whats right and what will work for you....Thanx..

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