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Girl all I can say is leave now, IT WILL NOT GET ANY BETTER!!! I know you will do what you feel, but if you would listen to me I would be one happy person! I to got with my man and I didn't do anything but smoke cigarrettes. He drank, smoked & smoked mary jane. He also experienced everything else (well not crack or heroin) but mainly the 3 addictions he has. Anyhow I was always home crying wanting him home wanting to do things with the kids and guess what, I was always ragging him and trying to change him. Finally he started the phrase "if you don't start drinking I'm going to leave" I heard that for a long long time. Guess what???? I started drinking, guess what? I started taking vicodin cause well they helped the tiredness from staying up worrying where is my man/ who is he with and he would run up beer tabs for 1 week $150.00 so I guess all in all I wanted to find something to do to make up for him wasting money. Trust me I didn't think I would be ADDICTED! Now because I drink and take pills I am a loser, no good everything in the book and girl u don't even know I have been here every night (ok maybe 1 time a year I stay at a friends) for my kids and i have worked my whole life as he was work 1 week off 1 month (not his fault, but I had to carry all the weight) I just can't tell people enough whatever you do, don't let HIM DO TO YOU WHAT MINE DID TO ME! I am leaving him I did about 1.5 years ago for 6 months but he was always calling and I to would call cause it hurt, but trust me it is the same old S*** again! Please be careful and don't start drinking every day. I only drink about 6 a night, but I still feel like it controls me. So as of tomorrow (well today on beer) I am done with pills and I am done with alcohol! I have to cold turkey it all. I want help I just don't know what route to take. GOOD LUCK AND PLEASE AGAIN BE CAREFULL, Alcoholics always try to blame the other for the fight and they will always act like nothing happened the next day. Sometimes they do remember they are to embarrassed to admit it. It hurts cause you got hurt and eventually he will stop saying I'm sorry (u will not want to hear I am sorry, cause it gets really old!)

I hope you don't take offense to my advice Im just trying to look out for you.

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