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It sounds like you have a pretty good take on the addiction situation. I agree with what you are thinking and saying.

I'm not a doctor or an expert, but, my opinion is that this person needs to rethink their situation. If someone has a tendancy towards addiction, all of these things, alcohol, pain pills, etc., are a potentially addictive chemical. They do run the risk of abusing them just as they did the oxy. All of these things are addictive.

Yes, some people do recover from one addiction and then end up "substituting" their drug of choice with something else. And, I might add, that they do justify it with excuses such as your friend is using.

I'm not saying your friend is addicted to the things she/he is partaking in now, but, a good rule of thumb is, if you have been addicted to opiates, it's best to stay away from any other addictive substance.

Using certain drugs, such as suboxone or other things prescribed by a medical professional to taper off of an addiction is one thing, but to come out of an addiction and then start using and abusing another addictive substance is just a dangerous game.

I'm so sorry you have to be put in the middle of this situation, and I hope that your friend will come to understand that all the excuses and justifications in the world will not take away the fact that what they are doing may not be in their own best interest.

Good Luck Sweetie! :angel:

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