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To give you all an update. As initially reported, I was taking 30 mg per day of Oxycodone to help I guess taper or elliminate the withdrawal effects of Smoked Opium. Thanks all for your advice, I do appreiciate it.

As for the Tylox pills I was taking, they are now gone...I did see a doctor last night out of a bit of fear of withdrawals as I have felt rough all week, he prescribed me Xanax and said it would help during the day. I have some vailum and ambien for at night (I travel international for work alot, so I've built up quite a stash of valium and ambien for sleep aid) Hopefully, these will help....eventually I want to switch to Tylonol PM and then to natural sleep, but one step at a time, its only day one....That being said...its day one with no opiates at all...I'm done. I'm not addicted to the pills (I can live without), though I am addicted to the opiate or that is gonna be the struggle. The good news is that I have gotton myself out of the habit of smoking opium, even if I have just prolonged matters, either way...hopefully I have made matters better, but we will see....I deliberatly made Friday my last day...or Friday my first day of being totally clean as it will be easier to feel like garbage, if that is going to be the case, over the weekend.

I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm ready for whatever it is....I'm not going back...

That being said, I do have a question. I have never taken Xanax before. What can I expect? I'd like to take one right now, I'm at work and my nerves are shot, but I'm afraid it will put me to sleep or make me really lacidazical...Any advice on that stuff....the doctor said it should be fine during the day....but he also said it was fine to take knows. Someone let me know what Xanax does and give me some advice...

As the REAL battle is starting, I will keep all posted and I thank you for your responses and for your support..

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