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i recently completed my taper off of 4mgs ativan (which is similar to xanax) using valium as per the ashton manual. it took me only 5 months as compared to many others who took much longer. you are on quite a high dose of xanax still and will probably have to reduce to about 3-4mgs before crossing over to valium. the reason is, you will need a very high dose of valium to cross over to and most doctors are not willing to prescribe such a high dose if you can even find a dr. willing to follow the ashton manual.

from your post, i can tell you are a slave to your addiction which is no way to live. remember what "normal" felt like? you can be there again but only if you are determined to get off and not afraid of some discomfort. it isn't going to be easy. good luck


Congratulations on getting off of the ativan :bouncing: . Good job! I know I will need to cross over to valium at some point according to Ashton. My "pill doctor" is quick to prescribe my xanax at each visit - no questions asked. I once asked him if he could prescribe both xanax and valium, but he would only give me the number of pills I receive from the xanax - including the valium (ie 45 xanax and 45 valium), as opposed to 90 of each. I don't know what I'm going to do when the time comes when I need the high amount of valium.

I remember how it felt before taking these pills. I was so happy. My husband and I would take our kids bike riding around the neighborhood, go camping, and get out of the house more often. I want those days back so bad! I am very determined and I have been on a strict taper. I will NOT up my dose, and I will stick to my plan. My husband is not doing so well. He has no self control with these pills and ups his dose when his day is not going so well. I'm disappointed a little, but I try to be supportive.

Thanks for your post! :)

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