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the reason for switching to valium is because of it's long half-life. as opposed to xanax or ativan that have a short one. the valium stays in your system much longer thereby reducing any interdose withdrawal symptoms you might experience. these symptoms are the very reason it is very hard to direct taper off them. you don't feel as sick on valium and it is a much smoother way down. so no, all benzos are not the same.

am 5 months benzo free after completing the ashton taper using valium. as far as i am concerned, it is the only way to go.


Thanks for the post. A lot of people don't understand the difference between benzos and all other drugs. I plan to stick to the Ashton taper with cross-over to valium. I have communicated with many people that have had great success with this and can still maintain a "normal" lifestyle without suffering the major withdrawal symptoms. Today is Day 1 of 7mg for me. My day went well, and hope it stays well. Plan to taper again to 6.5mg in a week or so.

Have a good night. :)

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