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I wa prescribed clonopin for anxiety and panic attacks that would put me in the hospital for tachycardias. (This was after a very stressful divorce.) That wasn't the only drug I was on including Buspar, and Celexa for depression. I'm off the Celexa (I hate SSRI's, but it helped at the time), I'll stay on the Buspar, the safest and most effective drug for plain anxiety that I've been on for 2 years without side effects (no weight gain, no sexual side-effects, etc.) I'm still on .05 mg of clonopin every day, but just until the side-effects of the terrible SSRI is totally gone and I can go without any panic attacks. When I was on 1 - 2 mg a day, I couldn't stay awake. It was painful to TRY to stay awaks, and I had to work through that! Driving was DANGEROUS. It did help at the time when I needed it the most. I am not addicted to it and do not abuse it. I do (did, I am at the end of my taper) abuse opiates, so no, it's not in the same. I get no high or anything from clonopin, and have had no problem when I go down a dose. I know it is possible to get addicted to it, so I've been warned. But for me it just does it's job, but on higher doses it is rediculous b/c you cannot function. It's like Valium, just has a longer half-life (am I saying that right?) Everyone knows Valium can be addicting, so that means be careful. Either way, yes, be careful of the drug. If you shouldn't be taking it, or are abusing at a higher dose than prescribed, you will have to expect side-effects, w/d's of some sort, and it is dangerous to be that tired. Get off of it and talk to your doctor if you need something else. Good luck. Many of us here need drugs legitimately, so I hope you find what works for you without the fear of addiction or abuse.


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