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Hello Everybody,
I am new to this sight. Here is my problem. I am addicted to Lorezepam and I have been clean for almost ten days off of heroin. I know that I am not dope-sick anymore. The thing is is that I first of all made the mistake of telling my doctor I was a heroin addict. Anyway, 3 days clean off of the dope I went to him for my lorezepam. He told me that he didnīt want me to come back for more for atleast 40 days. The thing was was that I was still sick so I took them like candy. Anyway, I saw a psychiatrist today and he prescribed me 30 mg. of Remeron to help sleep (and depression purposes I guess) but he said the lorezepam; I would have to go to the normal doc. So I have an appointment with the normal doc tomorrow to ask him for more lorezepam; even though it has not been 40 days (only about 7). I know now that I can be ok on just two pills (of 1mg.) a night. But I know that the doc is probably going to tell me to go to hell. And the thing is is that I do NOT want the withdrawal to start. Oh, also, the psych today made me a tapering schedule. And I WILL follow that, but I need the doc to help me tomorrow. Please, if there is any idea on how to help on this subject it would be greatly appreciated. And also, what would I do if an emergency situation came up such as seizuring and all that????

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