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Hey Mr.Clean-
Wow- 8 nights is a long time to go without sleep. I'd think (and hope) that your body would get tired enough to overlook the jittery legs and just give up and allow you to sleep at nights from exhaustion alone.

I know this is not helping to keep you strong, but you seem to be maintaining, so big kuddos for that. Have you tried taking Melatonin to help with sleep? It's all natural and available at most health food stores or vitamin stores.

It's helped me in the past, but I've also heard/seen others who didn't get any benefit from it. If you've not tried it, then it might be worth a try.

Good luck, and try to hold out. Hopefully sleep is just around the corner!

I learned at one of my meetings that is is hardest for addicts of opiates to get back to sleeping normally b/c of what the stuff does to your body & mind, helping you sleep. Now that you don't have the stuff in your system, the natural way your body/mind knew how to sleep doesn't remember how to work... you have to get that part of your body/mind working again. The best way to do this (& yes, I know it's NOT easy... but it WORKS) is to EXERCIZE!!!

Good luck!

~DL :)
I appreciate your concern podee, but I don't believe that everyone needs to go through a program to get clean. I didn't take them because I had a messed up life and needed to escape my reality. I actually love my life, I just wanted to get high. I really like the natural high I get from being off of them and from working out again and playing sports. I lost all of the in the midst of my 5 years of euphoria

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