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I'm not usually one to post in this section because I take Morphine for chronic pain, but I read them from time to time to keep myself aware of potential problems. Your post caught my eye.

2 months is not a long time to really get to know someone and find out what their particular habits are. What if she has taken various medications before and they don't work well or is always prescribed the same one for pain and they just don't work that well anymore? It's not so far fetched. I have a bone and joint disease with various problems, but most doctors felt I was way too young to be on something long term (or "heavy duty"), no matter what my pain levels were, so it was always percocet every few months. That caused me to develope a tolerance to it. So then, for that same relief I had to take more.

Just because painkillers can change her mood doesn't mean that she's getting addicted. Could it be that there are other issues going on at the same time and she's finding herself not wanting to be around you? There's all sorts of things that could be causing that. Pain itself can do that and from personal experience, that's the number one reason I can be very grumpy. It's not fun to hang out or do things when you're in pain! I don't like to be around people, be they my friends or family, if I'm in pain.

I drank occasionally when I was 18. I don't drink now, but that's because I'm on a long acting painkiller for my bone disease. I never smoked because I have asthma.

Getting her to see your father is the wrong thing to do! Especially if you want her to remain your friend. Your dad wouldn't be allowed to keep you informed about her health problems (they would be between her and him) and that would be akin to spying on her. That's not a good position to be in, even if you want to help her.

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