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"High" might not be the word everyone would use, rather calm or euphoric. That in my terms is a type of high. I never took a lot of hydros together. In fact, I've always taken a half of a 7.5 or 10mg, but I did it without needing them for pain (after a while) and sometimes with alcohol, and sometimes up to 3-4 pills a day. Many other abusers take many more a day. I was still abusing it since I didn't need it for pain.

I've read (but I am no expert) that if you take the prescribed dose of opiate painkillers for real pain, you may not feel anything but pain relief; no high or anything. It's when you abuse it..take it without needing it, take more than your prescribed dose, with alcohol or other substances, etc., that you can get high off of it. Others have said that they were taking it for pain, but still felt the euphoria. I guess everyone is different but, no, I wouldn't say that it's weird that you get only pain relief from the Oxy and no high. Perhaps you are just benefiting from it like the manufacturers intended. I understand that some may still get some w/d's from it once they stop taking it, even if they take it correctly. That's why it's important to not stop it suddenly once you feel better. Your doctor should taper you down to avoid any discomfort or any more serious symptoms. Maybe that's more info that you wanted, but I just wanted to add other things I know about my experience with opiates.


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