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thanks for such fast responses to my bad has it got with me? somedays taking up to 10 per day of norco or percocet...I've been taking one or the other consistently for 3-4 yrs but before that I was still getting pain meds..going back 10yrs or so...does my wife know? yes she has seen me in withdrawl before and she's very understanding, but it had been a long tim esince my last one and I just assumed she thought I was ok with this. I just talked to her for about 30 minutes on the phone. I told her today is thw worst I've ever been through this. My wife is great I love her so much and I know it hurts her to see me like this...she wants to fix me so bad..and I know I'm the only one who can do that...but the thought of going three/four more days lik ethis scare the heck out of me..I dont think I can do this cold turkey either..I'm hoping I can taper this off..I am wanting to start by giving her my meds and let her disperse them to me. I mentioned that to her...I said "just give me 3-4 a day to taper off" she said "thats tapering off?" and it is from going from 8-10 a day....I do have legitmit pain..I'm 6'2' 270 pds and my lower back sizzles every chance it normal dossage curbs that pain, but like I was saying before, I have had a very hard time doing that. I have vomitted today. I have had to use the restroom an abnoral amount of times all the while worried that a co-worker will think something is up...the job I have now, I have had about 3's by far the best and best paying job I've ever a married couple me getting this job was huge..I just dont see how I will get threw the next couple days without taking something...these withdrawls today just opened my eyes wider...if I had my meds today I probably would never have even posted, but I am really hoping this is the start of a recovory for me in what ever way thats going to be...I just keep going back to have a college degree,,you have a good have this you have that,,,why are you so stupid with this part of your life...I have been laying in the floor of the laboratory I work in most of the morn..just curled up and hurting..wishing I could think of something else besides what my body and mind are doing..I cannot...not today get past it..thansk for all your post help it has helped me greatly today!

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