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[QUOTE=minxie]Hi JAT, I switched from methodone to suboxone about a year ago. The one thing I learned is that you need to be off the methadone and in withdrawals before starting the sub. I was off methadone for two days but still went thru precipatated withdrawals when I started the sub at two mgs. I don't know if it would be different with subutex since it does not contain naltrexone. I wish you luck with the switch and with your recovery.
peace Minx[/QUOTE]


Thanks for the info, but why are you telling me? I didn't ask the question. :)
Either way, you're right, you have to be off of Methadone enough so that you are in withdrawals before you start the Subutex.


The key aspect of Subutex is that it allows you to regain your life. You don't have to stand in line everyday to get a methadone pill. You can take the Subutex once or twice a day (twice a day is more comfortable for me) and then go on with your life. And as you decrease the dose, you can use a pill cutter to slowly taper your dose. It's very difficult to do that with Suboxone because there is also Naloxone in the tablet and you might cut too much Naloxone into your dose thus causing withdrawal symptoms. Not good. That's why Subutex has worked best for me.

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