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[QUOTE=jennyannmc]My husband is starting suboxone detox this week, he was abusing the program by taking 2 x's the dosage and the doctor will not continue to prescribe it to him. He was taking the max dosage and then just stopped for 4 days, he went into horrible withdrawals. Thats when the doc said he was going to detox him. I am now in charge of making sure he does it the right way. I am wondering what kind of side affects I should expect him to expeiriance and if he does it the way prescribed will it be bad. Also is teir anywhere I can I can get support in dealing with beeing the supporting person in his life. I owuld appreciate any feed back.:dizzy: :confused:[/QUOTE]

Jenny, the best way to detox (at least what has worked for me) is to use Subutex, which unlike Suboxone, does not have Naloxone. Naloxone is used when someone overdoses in emergency rooms. It will clear the opiate receptors out of any opiates. The problem with Suboxone is that as you try to taper down and you want to cut the tablets, you can't get a proportionate amount of each medication in the tapered dose. That means your husband could go into withdrawals, which is what happened to me. With Subutex, no matter how small the dose, it's just the one medication, Buprenorphine. It's alot easier to control. Again, this is all my experience.

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